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​How to Find a Sustainable Supplier of 100% Recycled Boxes

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For a long time, our absolute best folding carton box (paper box) has been our 100% Recycled box. This box is made from 80% PCW and 20% recycled materials. This means that 80% of the box is made from post consumer waste, and the remaining 20% is post-industrial recycled waste, recycled from the waste scraps remaining after manufacturing other paper boxes and paper items.

To further combat climate change and trump the 80/20 Recycled Boxes, we now have 100% PCW Paper Boxes! That means 100% of the paper is produced from post-consumer waste! This is an industry leading solution which we are more than proud to provide to our sustainable and organic natural brands!

Whichever type of paper box we produce for our clients, we focus on engineering sustainable design into the packaging solutions.

Recycled folding cartonTo consume fewer resources, boxes can be produced with a beautiful matte uncoated finish, instead of a reflective glossy coating. Most of our clients tend to prefer this natural matte paper box brand image too. To be sure we’re not over-building the packaging, and to make our boxes even more economical, our industrial design engineers will work on creating the ideal box design for your product. Our engineers design packaging that consumes the least amount of material and utilizes the greatest amount of the paper sheets, while maintaining the quality, strength, and brand image essential for your company. Good packaging design means less packing (filler) material when shipping items. It also means smaller shipping boxes, taking up much less space on trucks. Both of which save on transit costs and contribute positively to climate change issues.

It is possible to gain further saving (in both money and waste) by printing messages directly on the boxes, eliminating the need for cards and extra information. If variable information is needed (such as flavors or styles) we’ll provide you with 100% certified compostable and recyclable adhesive stickers, keeping the entire packaging sustainable!

By providing up-front thought to packaging design, we can produce a 100% recycled box which saves money and the environment with clever design considerations.

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