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​Seeking the Eco-Friendly Box Supplier of your Dreams?

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If you’re seeking a long-term sustainable solution that allows creative freedom for your brand message, Elevate Packaging is well-positioned and experienced in eco-friendly, compostable and recycled packaging since 2000.

Our team is uniquely sustainability-conscious and will work with you and your team to actually decrease your overall use of packaging materials while maintaining the quality and integrity of your organic and natural brand. We are a sustainable packaging leader and innovator, fully dedicated to sustainability. Every package and label we offer is sustainable, eco-friendly, natural, compostable, biodegradable, recycled or recyclable! Elevate Packaging is dedicated to supporting your companies sustainable brand and mission with the leading eco packaging solution.

As always, our number one goal is sustainability and staying conscious of our carbon footprint. We understand that our clients care deeply for the Earth and we strive to make that a part of every decision we make as a company.

Our Paper Folding Carton Boxes and Rigid Boxes are top in the industry when it comes to sustainability!

You can expect sustainable packaging leadership from us in every aspect of custom packaging.

We produce recycled and recyclable boxes with the following standards:

  • 100% wind power from the Xcel Energy Windsource for Business Program which saves an estimated 500 tons of carbon emissions per year. This is similar to planting over 120 acres of trees every year!
  • 100% PCW (Post-consumer waste) Recycled Paper Boxes
  • Certified through the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for reducing risk of climate change
  • FSC-certified paper boxes (Forestry Stewardship Council)
  • All paper folding carton boxes are produced in a specially-designed production facility which reduces energy consumption by 50%
  • Agri-based Inks derived from agricultural matter including beets, ginger, and more.
  • 100% carbon neutral production
  • FDA-compliant and compliant to Health Canada regulations.

When seeking the best of the best in sustainable folding cartons, look no further. Elevate Packaging is dedicated to ensuring our clients have the leading sustainable packaging solutions worldwide.

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