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We Love Natural Products!

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Why Choose Natural Products?

The products we choose in our daily lives matter. The things that we eat, put on our skin, or keep in our homes should be good for us. They should also be good for the planet, and bring us joy. What better way to support that idea than by choosing ethically-made and natural products.

Buying natural gifts is a great opportunity to support businesses who are making a difference. It's also a wonderful way to share this value with our loved ones.

Perhaps we’re a little biased! A huge number of our customers sell natural and ethically-made products! From cosmetics to candles, cookies and snacks, coffee, grains, clothing, and so much more.

Each one of these brands is affecting change within their own industry - creating products that are healthier for us and the environment.

Plus: their products are packaged with compostable labels and packaging!

compostable packaging

Natural Products in Compostable Packaging

When you buy from a company that uses compostable packaging, you’re making the choice to protect the environment and divert waste from landfills. The more that is purchased from these companies the better that company does. This means we can divert more waste from landfills - it’s a powerful connection!

When brands choose compostable packaging they’re helping to spread the word about composting. More people will demand access to composting - Composting becoming mainstream ultimately results in the reduction of landfill use! See how that all ties together?! :)

Approximately one third of the average landfill site is made up of discarded packaging. Composting our packaging is a great way to both reduce the amount of waste sent to landfills and re-enrich the soil!

Want us to know how you’re helping? We love it when our customers tag us on instagram! Not only does it allow us to see how they’re using their compostable packaging but it also enables us to share their work and mission with the rest of our sustainable community!

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