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Eco-Friendly Coffee & Tea Packaging

Micro-roasters of high-quality coffee need packaging that speaks to their values and brand.

As a roaster, barista, or cafe owner you work hard to carefully compose premium coffee blends, delighting customers with the perfect coffee experience. But what about the coffee beans your customers buy to take home?

Not only does coffee require high-performing and protective packaging, but the right packaging and labels matters as part of the coffee culture experience. Finding eco-friendly coffee packaging which authentically aligns with a sustainable brand promise has long been a challenge for coffee retailers, but the search is over!

Take a look at our 100% compostable coffee bags, or call us on +1.773.276.4554 to chat about eco-friendly solutions for your tea and coffee packaging.


Pair your packaging with custom printed labels in any shape and size on natural and organic materials which are compostable, recycled, or recyclable make the perfect statement.