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  • 2" Circle Blank White Labels
  • 2" Circle Blank Compostable Sugarcane Labels

2" Compostable Round Labels, Blank

Other Details

Total Labels:
500 Labels
Labels per Sheet:
20 Labels
2 Dia. (in.)

Product Description

Print your own compostable labels. The most sustainable label the planet has to offer - both the label and the adhesive are compostable. Great for eco-friendly small batch product labels, seal closures, stickers, and more. Each label is 2” diameter, with 20 labels per sheet and a total of 500 labels per pack. 25 sheets per pack. Each label sheet is 8.5” x 11” (US Letter).


  • Natural Compostable Labels (SKU: LC5372)
  • Inkjet and Laser Compatible
  • Tree-Free Unbleached Sugarcane Paper
  • Naturally Occurring Fibers and Tone
  • Compostable and recyclable adhesive
  • Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact
  • Made in USA


  • MC White Compostable Labels (SKU:LC0025)
  • Laser Compatible. Not compatible with LED, HP LaserJet, or Inkjet.
  • White FSC Paper
  • Compostable and recyclable adhesive
  • Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact
  • Made in USA


  • Clear Compostable Labels (SKU:LC1056)
  • Laser Compatible.* Not compatible with LED, HP LaserJet, or Inkjet.
  • Made with FSC certified wood-based Bioplastic
  • Water Resistant
  • Compostable and recyclable adhesive
  • Meets FDA requirements for direct food contact
  • Made in USA

Label and its components meet composting standards for industrial composting environments.
Standards and Certifications:

ASTM D6400, CMA (MC White and Clear), EN13432

Please compost where accepted. Safe for Home Composting. Results in home compost systems may vary.
Learn About Elevate Packaging’s Composting Standards

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Print your own compostable product labels and stickers

Further Information

Each individual component (facestock and adhesive) of these labels is compostable, the adhesive is also compatible with recycling. Label backing liners are not compostable, please re-use where appropriate.

Elevate Packaging’s compostable labels and adhesive are vegan and non-GMO. They do not contain harmful chemicals such as bisphenol (including BPA and over a dozen other derivatives), or phthalates.

Elevate uses high-quality leading converting equipment to manufacture cut labels. Please allow up to 1/8" variance for die-cuts.

For best results ensure a clean, dry surface at room temperature, position carefully, apply even pressure, and allow time for the adhesive to set.

Keep label sheets in their original packaging in a cool, dry area. Protect from direct sunlight.

We recommend testing in the type of environment, with expected use from start to finish to be certain the material meets all requirements and expectations before purchase.

Available in Custom Printing and Dimensions (Minimum 2,000) Upon Request

For more in-depth information on our sustainable practices, how to print, and tips for using these compostable labels, visit our detailed guide here.

*Clear Compostable labels have been tested with TN-660 Toner. Not compatible with LED, LaserJet, or Inkjet. Other laser printers have not been tested.

Other Details

Total Labels:
500 Labels
Labels per Sheet:
20 Labels
2 Dia. (in.)

Product Reviews

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  1. Satisfied with product 5 Star Review

    Posted by on Dec 14th 2021

    I ordered one pack of 25 sheets (500 labels) of the Natural variety in December 2021. They arrived in perfect condition, wrapped in plastic (ie protected from water) with cardboard as a stiffener. All the sheets were in good condition, no wrinkles, tears, etc.

    I used their online template (PDF) to create my stickers and printed them using an Epson ET-3760 inkjet printer. I created my digital sticker sheet in Keynote (could use Powerpoint too) and then printed directly from there. I found that exporting my sheet to a PDF and printing resulted in the wrong scaling. So make sure you print your digital sticker sheet in such a way that Elevate Packaging's PDF template extends all the way to the edge of the sheet.

    In the description, Elevate Packaging notes that there is a "1/8" variance in the die-cut". This is more or less what I observed in the sheets I ordered. This variance seems to be entirely in where the stickers (as a whole) are cut along the long dimension (11" dimension) of the page. There isn't significant variance in where the stickers are cut in the short dimension (8.5") or in the distances among the stickers.

    But I wouldn't actually call this "variance." I found that the sticker die-cuts are actually consistent from sheet to sheet - thankfully, or else I would be leaving a less than 5 star review... It's simply that the sticker die-cut (again, as a whole) is not perfectly centered on the page in the long dimension. The die-cut is shifted by about 1/16" from center.

    What I do before printing is measure which side has a shorter distance from the first sticker die-cut to the edge of the sheet and then put that end in my printer first. So far that gets me a consistent print each time. I need to do this because I'm printing a circle around my stickers, about 1/8" in from the edge of the sticker. In other words, I need my sticker design to be centered pretty well otherwise they'll look sloppy because of a misalignment between the sticker edge and printed circle.

    Unrelated to the die-cut shift, I did have to move the bottom 8 stickers in my design (by just about 1/16") to align with the actual sticker sheet. The template is really close but not exactly right. But again, this is consistent from sheet to sheet so I only wasted one sheet getting the alignment right.

    If you're printing a design that needs to be centered in each sticker - these will do if you have the time to adjust your design at the start and note the orientation for each inserted sheet. If you're printing a design that doesn't need to be centered, these will work even better for you.

    The color is great. I love the "speckled" particles in the surface. It's exactly what I was looking for so that our customers know we're using recycled materials.

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