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Compost Awareness - Information and Resources!

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It’s International Compost Awareness Week!

Do you want to reduce waste? Save the environment? Grow healthy plants? You should compost!

Compost is full of the nutrients our soil needs. It provides our gardens with perfect condition to grow fruits, vegetables, and plants.

But more than that, composting is a system that can:

  • Eliminate Single-Use Packaging
    Something used once shouldn't stick around for 1000 years. Composting eliminates packaging once it is used.
  • End Landfills
    Landfills take up valuable space and pollute nearby communities
  • Reverse Climate Change
    When organics are sent to landfills they eliminate methane, a major contributor to climate change. Composting dramatically reduces the amount of methane produced.
  • Re-Enrich the Soil
    Compost is a recipe for regeneration! It provides a nutrient-rich output to grow healthy crops.

For more on the great reasons you should be composting, check out  Why Should I Compost?

I Want To Compost, But How Do I Get Started?

It doesn’t take much to start composting at home! Our Guide to Home Composting is a great place to begin!

The mission of the US Composting Council Foundation is to raise awareness of composting and its importance. They have some great resources on Creating Compost, and Using Compost to help you get started.

Don’t have space to compost in your backyard? Don’t worry!

Recipe for Regeneration: Compost

Finished compost provides so many benefits to our soil. By composting, we can reduce food waste, lower emissions, and prevent valuable organic material from being sent to landfills.

In addition - by choosing  compostable packaging we can also direct packaging waste to compost!

Traditional single-use plastics sit in landfills for thousands of years. Our mission is to end that! Instead of being thrown in the trash, your compostable packaging and labels can be used to create beneficial compost.