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Prepare to go Plastic Free This July

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With Plastic Free July just around the corner, it's the perfect time to rethink our habits and take steps to get rid of plastic in our businesses and everyday lives.

Plastic Free July is a global movement that encourages people and companies to refuse single-use plastics for the month of July. This might mean taking a closer look at the materials in your business supply chain, and can also include making more sustainable choices in the office and at home.

What’s the Problem with Plastic?

Reliance on plastic packaging has put a huge strain on our environment. Every year, an overwhelming 300 million tons of plastic are produced globally. Over a third of this — about 36% — is used just for packaging. And while we might hope most of this gets recycled, the truth is, only 9% of plastic is recycled, with the rest piling up in landfills or ending up as litter in our oceans and soil.

But here's the good news: wherever you are on your sustainability journey, participating in Plastic Free July offers an opportunity to explore how your efforts can have a genuine, measurable impact on our environment. Whether you're just starting out or you're well on your way to zero waste, taking steps to reduce plastic in your business’ daily operations can have an incredible impact.

How Your Business Can go Plastic Free This July

Celebrate Your Wins

If you're reading this, chances are you've already taken a big step towards reducing plastic!

Choosing compostable packaging not only helps reduce plastic waste but is also an integral part of a circular economy. Compostable packaging supports composters and contributes to improved soil health - it is one of the most eco-friendly solutions we have in the fight against plastic!

Transitioning to more eco-friendly practices is no small feat, and we understand the challenges it comes with. But every step, no matter how small, matters! By taking the lead and choosing eco-friendly packaging over plastic, you've made a huge difference to the environment and you've also given your customers another great reason to feel good about supporting your business.

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Plastic Free Packaging

We can’t think of a better month to review your packaging! As we mentioned earlier, over a third of plastic is used for packaging! The good news is that there are an ever-increasing number of eco-friendly packaging alternatives. From compostable bags and pouches, to compostable stickers, and more.

Not sure where to start? Read our Guide to Getting Started with Sustainable Packaging

Plastic Free Workplace

If you're curious about how much single-use plastic your business goes through, don't be afraid to do a bit of detective work! Consider conducting a “waste audit” and taking an inventory of the disposable plastic that your business is currently using. Creating a list of the plastic that is regularly thrown away is a great place to start making changes.

If you’d rather not get your hands quite so dirty, you could try taking a look at your business purchases over the last year. How often are you buying disposable products such as bottled water, plastic bags, or plastic cutlery for your office? Could these be replaced with reusables or plastic free alternatives?

Plastic Free Supply Chain

Don't let your plastic-free journey stop at your immediate workspace. How about taking a peek at the rest of your business operations? Incorporating sustainability into your broader supply chain and back-of-house operations is a little more complex, but it's worth it!

If your products are mailed or shipped before they reach customers, there's a good chance plastics are involved. Consider swapping out plastic mailers for paper or compostable ones - it's a small change with a big impact. And while you're at it, go for compostable shipping labels too!

Even bigger changes can come from unexpected places - such as your warehouse. That plastic pallet stretch wrap? There's a compostable alternative! These types of changes can make a real difference in reducing plastic use.

Interested in minimizing production waste? Read more about Designing for Sustainable Packaging Production

Spread the Word

No matter where you're at in your journey, your unique experiences can serve as inspiration for others.

One of the most effective ways to advocate for change is by sharing your experience. Got a blog? Talk about your sustainability efforts there. An Instagram page? Let your audience peek behind the scenes and see your sustainable practices in action.

Every choice matters and every step counts. Together, we can make a world of difference!