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Compostable Flexible Packaging - A Better Choice for the Environment

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The popularity of flexible packaging has been rising rapidly in recent years - and for good reason! Stand-up pouches and other types of flexible packaging have many advantages over traditional rigid packaging.

You can reuse compostable stand-up pouches to store kitchen scraps and food waste. When full, simply place the entire bag in the compost!

Advantages of flexible packaging

Packaging production typically requires a high amount of energy and creates a lot of waste, but flexible packaging can change that!

  • It uses fewer resources than traditional rigid packaging - less raw material, and lower energy in production.
  • Flexible packaging is lightweight. Because it weighs less and can be packed more efficiently, it also has lower transit costs.
  • It takes up less space in storage - 100 pouches take up the same space as 1 bottle.
  • Barrier protection provides resistance to moisture, vapors, and dust. This keeps products fresher and reduces food waste.
  • Zippers that can be resealed after opening are convenient to consumers and promote re-usability.
  • Flexible Packaging is easy to customize and print.
  • Versatile display options - Flexible packaging can be easily stood on store shelving, or (if a hang hole is included) hung from a peg display.

Compostable stand-up pouches are a great choice for eco-friendly products

Compostable Stand-Up Pouches

Consumer preferences are changing - demographic shifts are driving demand for more sustainable products, and this includes the elimination of wasteful packaging.

We only use 100% compostable films and components for our flexible packaging. Every element is compostable, including the zipper! This means that not only are our stand-up pouches better for the environment in production, but also at end-of-life.

Your packaging is often the first experience a potential customer will have with your product - it should clearly communicate your brand values. By using compostable stand-up pouches for your eco-friendly products you can demonstrate that your brand is fully committed to the environment.

Available in kraft or clear compostable materials and a wide variety of sizes - Elevate Packaging Compostable Stand-up Pouches

Custom options also available, please contact us for a quote!