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Creating Eco-friendly Digital Communities

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The internet has helped us connect with one another. Now more than ever we’re using the internet to foster community, and seek out like-minded people.

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Building an online community allows us to work together with those who share our goals. For sustainable brands and eco-minded people, that goal is a healthier planet. Despite physical distance, we can use digital platforms to advocate for our environment.

Our online communities are also incredible places to find and offer support!

Find Community

Social media is a great place to begin! Try checking out hashtags on Instagram such as #ZeroWaste or #ClimateJustice. You can even get more specific and seek out like-minded #SustainableBusiness, or people who love #Composting as much as you do! You can use this same method to seek out hashtags and groups on other social media platforms.

You can also find community by reading (or creating!) blogs and websites about topics that you’re interested in.

Build Your Eco-friendly Digital Community

You only need 4 things to begin to build a thriving digital community:

  1. Something To Build A Community Around
    A topic or a mission you all have in common, such as running a zero waste business or home. It can be something you’re working towards: taking action on climate change, or affecting change on a local government level.
  2. Tell Your Story
    Sharing stories is an important part of connecting with one another. We all love to have our voices heard, and we can learn from the experiences of others.
  3. Collaborate
    Don’t know how to set up community composting in your area? You need to figure out a plan with the help of your eco-friendly community! Want to organize a sustainability campaign? Talk to others who have done the same thing.
  4. Seek Out Others
    One of the best things about being in a sustainability community is watching it grow! The more people we reach, the more good we can do!

We’re On A Mission To End Landfill Waste

By building and growing our community we can spread the word! Compost education and advocacy will reduce landfill waste and enrich our soil.

Will you join us?