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Elevate Packaging - Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Packaging Supply Source

Posted by Rich Cohen on

Elevate Packaging - Custom Eco-Friendly Packaging

This month our company was officially renamed to ELEVATE PACKAGING, INC. from Distant Village, Inc. 

Why the name change?

Elevate Packaging continues forward and elevates (!) our dedication to revolutionize the packaging and adhesive label industry by providing the most innovative and best-in-class sustainable packaging and labels.

In 2000 when our company was launched as Distant Village Inc. with a focus on providing triple bottom line packaging solutions by sourcing the worlds most responsible environmentally conscious raw materials and socially-conscious packaging production, we started by working with fair trade artisan communities. At that time, they were producing the leading sustainable packaging made from tree-free plant fibers of mulberry, lokta, hemp, wild grasses, abaca, water hyacinth, and recycled paperboard. Organic and natural brand owners loved it, and we grew. 

We enjoyed serving our customers and learning about their packaging challenges while building supplier relationships and long-standing friendships with our sustainable packaging supplier communities. 

Today, much has changed in sustainable materials, sustainability innovation, sustainable supply chains, and packaging converting. And much has changed in climate change awareness, corporate responsibility, local business support, government and policy, and responsible waste management systems in communities throughout the USA and globally. The sustainable packaging movement is stronger than ever and continues to accelerate!

Elevate Packaging

Businesses needed even more sustainable solutions from the B2B packaging manufacturers. 

After 16 years as a pioneer and leader in sustainable packaging, Elevate Packaging takes sustainable packaging to the next level. Elevate Packaging drives forward maintaining an unwavering commitment to bring leading sustainable B2B packaging solutions to brand owners.

The many years of sustainable brand packaging experience - and as the first and most tenured packaging business dedicated to sustainable packaging - have served our company and customers well. We have established unprecedented sustainable packaging expertise and have sustainable packaging solutions that are beyond compare.

Elevate Packaging will continue to carry this revolutionary flag of sustainable packaging started by Distant Village by continuing to innovate, manufacture and introduce new and world-class sustainable packaging and adhesive label solutions, all conveniently available from a convenient comprehensive source that is trusted and experienced. No more hunting (and hoping) to find responsible and reliable sustainable packaging supply sources that are authentic and qualified to meet your eco-friendly requirements, whether they be compostable, recycled, recyclable, or natural. Elevate Packaging is well positioned and experienced to solve all your sustainable branded packaging challenges!

Thank you for 16 years of support, and welcome to your home for Sustainable Packaging Solutions. 

The Elevate Packaging team welcomes you!

Rich Cohen
President and Founder
Elevate Packaging, Inc.

ELEVATE PACKAGING is the leading source for sustainable packaging solutions and branding. Trusted experts in creating eco-friendly brand experiences with recycled, compostable, and recycle-friendly packaging, boxes, bags and labels. The website is being updated weekly with new items. This is Your Eco-Packaging Source. It offers quick and easy online ordering for a wide range of eco & compostable packaging and labels. If you don't see an item you need, please let me know!