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Say NO to Greenwashing!

Posted by Robert Schyns & John Sloan on

We live in a world with rapid population expansion, rising sea levels, and polluted air. To combat this, consumers are searching for environmentally sustainable solutions.

The world has taken a major step in the right direction by acknowledging that environmental sustainability is a significant issue. But with this comes another issue that we want to address: greenwashing.

What is Greenwashing?

Greenwashing occurs when corporations use misleading tactics to market “green” products without making a true company-wide commitment to sustainability.

Select corporations are now trying to exploit the “green” movement through ad campaigns that point to a single eco friendly product while their core business remains environmentally unsustainable.

It is important that consumers are able to identify greenwashing when they see it.

How To Identify Greenwashing

Here are a few questions to think about before making a decision:

  • Does a business’ core mission focus on sustainability, or is it just a single “green” product in a company portfolio full of environmentally unsustainable products?
  • Is a corporation lobbying against progressive environmental laws and regulations?
  • Is a corporation promoting an environmental initiative mandated by the government? A corporation might use PR campaigns to make these mandated initiatives appear proactive.

It can take critical thinking and a little research but it is possible to identify genuine sustainable companies from the phony ones.

At Elevate Packaging, we have built our entire business around eco friendly packaging. We want our customers to know that they will be receiving the highest quality sustainable packaging on the market.

Please visit and for more information about how some corporations are trying to trick you into thinking their products are “green.”