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Sustainable Packaging for the Fashion Industry

Posted by Rebecca Sims on

Fast fashion is out, ethical fashion is in

How much do your customers really know about the clothing you produce? Are you transparent about the raw materials used? How about where the clothing is produced and who makes it?

What about the packaging?

Ethical Fashion

From pollution and poor labor conditions in factories, to the extra waste created by the packaging needed for each piece of clothing - the mass production of cheap apparel is hard on the environment.

Fast fashion brands put out new styles several times per season - encouraging customers to buy more cheap trendy clothing than they need, sometimes only wearing each piece once before throwing it out. That’s a lot of waste.

The good news is that green is the new black. Ethical fashion is on the rise. Consumers are waking up to the impact that cheap apparel has on the environment, instead they’re looking for better quality products and greater transparency within the supply chain.

Even if your fashion brand provides good conditions for workers and creates high quality products using natural or sustainable raw materials, there’s still the problem of packaging waste.

Solutions for eco friendly packaging

Ethical Fashion

With more and more fashion retailers moving to ecommerce, the need for better packaging rises. You need the items that you sell online to arrive to your customers in pristine condition, but you don’t want to create extra waste. Your ecommerce customer hasn’t walked in to a physical store, so you need to create a good first impression.

First impressions are important for any business, not only the fashion industry, and with the rise of online brand influencers and “unboxing” videos on youtube and instagram those first impressions can be easily shared with the wider world.

By using eco-friendly, compostable or recycled packaging for your apparel you can both create a good impression and reduce waste. Using eco-friendly packaging demonstrates to your customers that you care deeply about the environment and are doing your part to to reduce your carbon footprint. 

What better first impression is there?

From compostable cello bags, to compostable product or shipping labels, compostable hygiene liners for swimwear, compostable closure stickers and tape for bags and more take a look at our Fashion and Apparel Packaging Solutions, or for custom packaging take a look at our capabilities.

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