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Why Should I Compost?

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We talk about composting a lot here at Elevate Packaging, but why do we think it’s so great?

Composting is a natural process. It transforms organic waste into a nutrient-rich product that benefits the soil. It is one of the best ways to reduce waste and care for the environment.

What’s not to like? It’s easy to get started and is good for our planet!

Composting is Easy!

To begin composting all you need is:

Once you understand what you can put in your compost, it is as simple as putting waste in a garbage can.

Composting is Good for Our Planet!

The EPA estimates that more food waste reaches landfills than any other material in everyday trash! 30 - 40% of food produced in the US is wasted, and this waste makes up around 20% of all municipal solid waste.* In landfills organic waste produces methane - a dangerous greenhouse gas.

By composting our food waste we can lower emissions, and create a product that benefits the soil.

Replacing traditional single-use plastic with compostable packaging can help our planet as well. We can take advantage of all the good composting can do by also using it to reduce packaging waste! Containers and packaging make up a further 20% of landfill waste**. If we were to compost all packaging and food waste, we could reduce waste sent to landfills by at least 40%!

Greenhouse with tomato vines


Compost improves the condition of your soil! It provides valuable nutrients to plants, helps soil retain water, loosens clay, and keeps your soil’s pH balance in check. By using compost, you can create healthy soil that will help to suppress plant disease and garden pests.

Gardens that use compost produce higher yields of healthier fruits, vegetables, and other plants!

We love compost! 

By composting organic waste and compostable packaging we can turn it into a product that helps our soil - at the same time reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill. The more people have access to composting, the more we can all work together to end landfills for good!