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You Make Our Mission a Reality

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Rich Cohen, Founder of Elevate PackagingThanksgiving is my absolute favorite holiday.

It embodies gratitude, reflection and thankfulness for your family, friends, and community. It reminds us of the beauty and abundance in our world.

This year I feel a special gratitude to you, our brands, for making our bold mission a reality: To clean our planet and make our lives and those of future generations healthier and better.

Together we are empowering everyone we touch to make responsible and sustainable choices. It is each of us, together as a community, that is making this positive change become reality.

As a child I recall environmental issues in the 70’s, which disturbed me deeply. I can appreciate Greta Thunberg’s mission - As a child I felt frustrated and unempowered to effect change. As I got older, climate issues became more of a major concern. I have made personal choices to live sustainably and responsibly. On the trail of life, I packed out what I packed in.

I am continually impressed by your inventive eco-friendly products and you have each taught me a lot about your specialized areas. Your commitment to sustainability gives the world hope that we can reach our goal - to end landfills

Your unwavering support for one another, for composters, and for the environment, continues to inspire us to do the best we can. We care about your success, and we want to help you thrive.

This Thanksgiving I share my heart-felt gratitude to you and your determination to make our world and communities better.

Happy Thanksgiving,