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Your Composting Questions

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As many of you may know we were on a leadership panel at Compost2020, The U.S. Composting Council's Annual Conference, at the end of January.

Thanks to those of you who asked us composting questions in response to our email - we were able to really dig deep and ask plenty of questions!

We returned from the conference loaded with information! We’re in the process of sorting through and writing up our responses to your excellent questions, along with further information that we learned at the event.

Here are the first of many Q&A to come:

Q: What are the common themes of the mission of the US Compost Council and its Members?

A: Divert All Organic Waste from Landfills. Period.
We learned that Organic Waste that goes into landfills produces so much methane gas (60 times worse than carbon emissions) that if landfills were its own country, it would be the 3rd worst contributing country to climate change in the world!

Stay Tuned for More!

Be sure to share with your colleagues and customers - the more people informed about composting, the better!