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Telling Your Sustainable Story

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Your sustainability sets you apart. Communicating with your customers about yourself, your story, and your eco-friendly practices adds a huge amount of value to your brand. 

You're Doing the Work, Now Tell the World 

Your community wants to get to know you!

Why did you start your business? What is important to you? No matter your audience size, your customers want to hear what you have to say. 

Your website is a great place to start. Make good use of your ‘about’ page to describe what your brand is passionate about. You can even add extra pages for each of the topics that are important to you. At Elevate, we love spending time on your websites to learn more about you and your business!

Blogs and social media are also a good place to share insights with your customers. Be sure to include a peek behind-the-scenes now and then. These types of photos and videos help your audience feel engaged, and are incredibly popular on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok!

Share Your Eco-Friendly initiatives

Now that you’ve told your customers a little about yourself and your business, let them know what else you’re doing. If you source locally, use natural ingredients, or have compost pick-up for your workplace, your customers would love to hear about it!

Perhaps you also donate a portion of profits to charity, or your employees spend time in service with the local community. Share the work your team is doing! 

Do you ask customers to return your packaging? Either for refill, or so you can compost it for them? That’s a great story that needs to be told! 

Your eco-friendly initiatives are inspiring! They help your customers feel good about supporting your business, and encourage participation and advocacy for causes that you care about. 

Practice Transparency

Business transparency is about being open, honest, and straightforward. You don't have to give away your secret recipe! 

Sharing your experiences and telling your sustainable story gives customers insight into  your journey and process. Practicing authentic transparency in your communications goes a long way to building valuable trust within your community. 

Promote your Compostable Packaging

You've done the research and invested in the most sustainable packaging the planet has to offer. Whether you’re using stock, custom, or a mixture of both - Your compostable packaging says a great deal about your brand. It not only tells your customers about your product, it also communicates your brand values. 

Telling your customers about your compostable packaging helps them dispose of it correctly, and equips them with important knowledge on why composting is crucial in the fight against climate change.

“The climate crisis has already been solved. We already have the facts and solutions. All we have to do is wake up and change.”

- Greta Thunberg,  TEDxStockholm 

Sustainable packaging is more than just packaging - It's a protest sign. It tells your customers that you refuse to put more plastic into the world. It announces that you care about the environment, and  calls for an end to landfill waste.

By working together, to reduce plastic and redirect organic waste to composting, we can have a huge impact on our environment. That is something your audience needs to hear!