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Help your Sustainable Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

Posted by Rebecca Sims on

Successful Branding Helps you Stand Out

Successful branding gives businesses immediate market recognition.

First impressions matter, and when you’re vying for space in the crowded retail market it pays to stand out from the crowd.

Often, your packaging is the first experience a potential customer will have with your product or brand: be it in a retail store, in an ecommerce store, or even via social media unboxing photos and videos. Not only does your product packaging need to stand out, but it also needs to reflect your brand values to the customer.

Developing an Iconic Brand Through Eco-Friendly Packaging

So, your products are eco-friendly, natural, or organic, but what about your packaging?

More than simply a logo or color palette, branding begins with your company’s core values. These provide guidance for every decision you make for your business. If you sell sustainable products, your packaging should reflect those values! By using eco-friendly packaging you can effectively communicate your brand ethics to potential customers.

“If people believe they share values with a company, they will stay loyal to the brand.”

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO

It’s important to have consistency across your business! It’s also wise to assume that, if reducing environmental impact is one of your brand values, your target audience will advocate for sustainable packaging materials.

Stand out from the crowd

By choosing eco-friendly packaging you will communicate your values and reinforce your branding with each use or view, during the holiday season and beyond.

At Elevate Packaging, we are compostable packaging experts. Our clients have access to the leading sustainable packaging innovations and developments - allowing them to do better for themselves while helping improve our planet. Transparency and authenticity are at the core of how we do business. We can provide valuable advice and direction, or work hand-in-hand with a brand seeking an innovative sustainable solution.

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