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Help your Sustainable Brand Stand Out from the Crowd

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“People do not buy goods and services, they buy relations, stories, and magic.” 

- Seth Godin, author and marketing strategist

First impressions are lasting, and in a crowded market, it's crucial to elevate your brand above the noise. But what is your brand, really? It communicates who you are, what you do, and why you do it. It's a testament to your authenticity! Much more than a logo or color palette, it's the emotions, thoughts, and images that come to mind when people interact with your products and your company.

Branding begins with your company’s core values. These provide guidance for every decision you make for your business. A 2020 study by Zeno Group communications agency found that 94% of consumers believe it is important that the companies they engage with have a strong Purpose.

Make your voice heard. Share your story. Make it unmistakably clear what your brand stands for.

Let Your Packaging do the Talking

Branding is more than your packaging, but your packaging can help do the talking.

Whether you’re just starting out with stock packaging, or an established brand with a full range of custom packaging, you want to stand out! Your packaging isn't just a bag or label; it's a powerful tool for marketing and branding. It's often the first thing potential customers interact with, whether they see it in a store, on an online shopping site, or even in social media posts and unboxing videos.

Your packaging is also a great place to show off your commitment to sustainability. It can help create a unified image of your brand, remind customers why they chose your product, and help spread your message far and wide. A well-designed package can instantly convey your brand's core values and Purpose to anyone who sees it.

In a 2019 survey on Etsy, 54% of Etsy buyers said they tried to avoid plastic. The materials you choose for your packaging matter to your customers and can help tell your brand's story. So, keep it consistent! If reducing environmental impact is a value your brand upholds, it's safe to assume that your audience will appreciate and support packaging that's environmentally friendly.

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Stand Out From the Crowd

Learn to communicate your eco-friendly business practices to connect with potential customers.

Highlight how your products are made, the materials used, and how you ensure minimal environmental impact. Providing information about your eco-endeavors helps customers feel more connected to your brand. It also assures them that their purchase contributes to a greater cause – preserving our planet.

By opting for Eco-friendly compostable packaging you not only align your business with your core values but also reinforce your brand identity with every use and view. Your decisions reflect a genuine care for our environment, inspiring others to adopt similar mindsets and behaviors.

Remember, your sustainable practices are not just processes, they are stories that resonate with your customers, help your brand stand out, and spark a positive impact on the planet.

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