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The Compostable Coffee Bag You’ve Been Waiting For!

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Eco-Friendly Coffee Just Got Even Better:
100% Compostable Coffee Packaging with Compostable Valve

At Elevate Packaging we’ve been working hard to develop a high-performance coffee bag made with certified compostable films. Our compostable coffee bags and pouches have a high barrier layer for oxygen and moisture, plus every component is compostable!

 No compromise. Every component, including the zipper and valve, certified compostable

Sustainable Coffee Requires Eco-Friendly Packaging

The coffee industry has a complex supply chain. For many coffee retailers, particularly organic and fair-trade coffee roasters,  sustainable sourcing is crucial at every step! Finding eco-friendly packaging that authentically aligns with a sustainable brand promise has long been a challenge for coffee retailers.

Coffee requires durable high-performance packaging. Coffee beans are sensitive to external influences - packaging must block out moisture, UV Rays, and oxygen in order to keep the coffee fresh and tasting its best. Coffee packaging also needs to be airtight, which requires a one-way degassing valve to let out excess CO 2 after the beans are roasted.

Biodegradable Coffee Bags

Many of the currently available biodegradable or “compostable” coffee bags require extra work for disposal. Some are marketed as biodegradable, which is not the same as being compostable. Biodegradable packaging is not required to be tested or validated, and in fact may not be eco-friendly at all!

Biodegradable Vs Compostable - What’s the Difference?

Many of these coffee bags also include non-compostable parts, such as a plastic valve or lining made from materials such as polyethylene. These must be removed before composting as they will contaminate the composting process. That’s a lot of extra work for a less than desirable option!

Sprudge - The Truth About Compostable Coffee Bags

There is a better solution!

Compostable Coffee Bag with Compostable Reseal Tape

The Most Sustainable Coffee Bag

Our compostable coffee bags and pouches are made from 100% compostable films and components.

The films, valves, and zipper of our compostable coffee bags have been tested to meet ASTM D6400 and EN13432 standards.

Sprudge - A New Coffee Bag that is 100% Compostable

Premium coffee roasters need compostable coffee bags with no compromises: every component, including the valve and reclosable zipper, must be compostable.

Our coffee bags have been engineered and tested with leading roasters to prove that performance is on par with conventional plastic high-barrier film pouches.

A variety of compostable coffee bag and pouch options are available on our website.  For custom sizes and full-color custom printing please contact us.

Compostable coffee bags also pair beautifully with our  compostable labels, for a total compostable packaging solution!

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Updated March 4, 2021. Original Post written June 18, 2017.

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