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Compostable Packaging Supports Healthy Soil

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The impact of your compostable packaging goes so much further than waste reduction alone. Compostable packaging supports composters, soil health, and the environment as a whole.

“Caring for the Earth is just as important as caring for our bodies.”
-Sage and Cedar Organics via Instagram

A sustainable product is not so sustainable if it comes wrapped in layers of plastic. Compostable packaging, as part of a circular economy, creates the path for a sustainable and healthy future for all.

Let your sustainable mission guide you - create something good!

Mission-Forward Brands Choose Compostable Packaging 

Your compostable packaging  not only helps reduce dangerous plastic waste, it can also contribute to improving the health of our soil and the planet.

Consumers are overwhelmingly choosing sustainable products and packaging. They form stronger relationships with brands that pay attention to the environmental impacts of their products.

“Customers now align themselves with brands that are compatible with their values and priorities.”
Most Consumers Want Sustainable Products and Packaging, Business News Daily

Sustainable packaging should be an integral part of your brand. Your customers trust your integrity and believe in your mission!

Composting Creates Healthy Soil

Composting is one of the best ways to reduce waste, regenerate depleted soil, and care for the environment. It is a living resource filled with billions of bacteria, fungi, and microbes!

Healthy soil increases crop yields for farmers, reduces the effects of climate change, encourages plant growth, and regenerates local ecosystems. It provides us with essential food, nutrients, and resources.

Compostable Packaging Supports Composting

Composting is not trash disposal, but a method of material production through waste management.

Compostable packaging provides carbon feedstock for the composting process. Carbon and nitrogen are core elements in the creation of compost.

Using compostable packaging puts you at the forefront of creating awareness and composting access for all.

It is clear that consumers are asking for more sustainable products and packaging. 

Your customers want to compost your packaging! Increasing composting access is crucial in the effort to re-enrich the soil and reduce the effects of climate change. The more people have access to composting, the better we can all work together towards the mission of re-enriching the soil.