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The Growing Importance of Eco-Friendly Natural Products

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Compostable Stickers from Natural Materials

Demand for cleaner, organic, natural products continues to grow! Consumers are more aware of the negative impact of petroleum-based plastics and synthetic chemicals than ever.

The products we use in our daily lives matter. The things that we eat, use, put on our skin, or keep in our homes should be good for us and good for the planet. 

Natural products are made from ingredients that are grown, harvested, and produced ecologically with consideration for the rest of the environment.

What are Natural Products?

“Almost 50% of the medicines we use today come from nature.”

- NOAA, What is a natural product?

A natural product is something that contains no artificial or synthetic ingredients. It is made entirely from ingredients found in nature!

Natural brands can effect positive change by working with nature to create products that are healthier for us and our planet.

Many natural products are organic, grown without synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers. They provide opportunities to use locally-available and ethically-sourced ingredients. They can also be regenerative - actively restoring and renewing ecosystems!

Foods grown using organic and regenerative agricultural methods reduce negative impact on the environment, increase crop yields, support biodiversity, and restore soil health. The application of compost in particular contributes to healthier plant growth and more nutritious food.

Growing crops with regenerative agriculture

Eco-friendly Packaging for Natural Products

It's important that natural brands choose packaging that reflects what their business stands for. This means packaging that is healthy for humans and for the environment. Your business is defined not only by your products, but the values you communicate!

We could be a little biased! A huge majority of our compostable packaging customers are brands who create natural, organic, and ethically-produced products. It makes sense - like the natural cycle of life and decomposition, composting is endlessly circular.

Innovations in materials and packaging have enabled businesses of all kinds to reduce their reliance on plastic packaging. With the growing availability of eco-friendly packaging materials, finding a balance between presentation and sustainability is more achievable than ever.

When you choose compostable packaging for your own business (or buy from a brand that uses compostable) you’re making the choice to protect the environment and divert waste from landfills. The more that is purchased the better they can grow. This means we can divert more waste from landfills, and instead create valuable compost. It’s a powerful connection.

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