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Packaging That Aligns With Your Mission

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Sustainable Packaging Supplier

Your company’s mission defines its core reason for being and the resulting positive impact on the world. This mission strengthens your brand and creates significant value to your customers.

Interwoven with this mission are your business values, the principles that guide and direct your organization and its culture. When your brand stands for certain values, you'd want partners, especially suppliers, to be on the same page. This becomes particularly relevant when you're choosing packaging suppliers, since they help turn those values into something your customers can see and feel.

Sustainable Store

The primary function of packaging is to protect your product. It ensures safety and quality, as well as reducing any waste that could result from damage during transit. Your packaging needs to promote your product, provide information, appeal to your target customer, and communicate your brand identity.

94% of consumers believe it is important that the companies they engage with have a strong Purpose. If your packaging is designed to communicate your brand identity then the impact of packaging on brand perception is huge!

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Finding the right sustainable packaging partner is like finding a friend who shares your values. You want someone who not only gets your business needs but also truly believes in your brand's vision, mission, and ethics. It's all about teaming up with the right match!

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Aligning Brand Values

The Importance of Aligning Brand Values and Packaging

What values are important to you? How are these values layered into your packaging?

If you source only local US ingredients for your products, packaging produced in the USA is a great fit for your brand values.

If your goal is to reduce waste or go plastic-free, how much packaging do you need? Can you reduce materials or streamline production? A "sustainable" product line from a traditional packaging company may be able to provide the packaging you want, but it is unlikely that their overall business values will align with yours. A packaging supplier that holds those same values can be a strategic partner in eliminating waste throughout your entire business.

Does your product aim to have a positive impact, such as reducing carbon or regenerating the ecosystem? Your sustainable packaging supplier should share these goals. At Elevate we can help your business not only reduce waste, but ensure that the packaging also becomes beneficial compost after it is used, recovered and composted. Further emphasizing your brand's commitment to sustainability!

Sustainable Packaging Partnership

Sustainable Packaging Suppliers - Partnering for Progress

With the growing demand for sustainable packaging, it is important for brands to partner with the right suppliers. So how can you find sustainable packaging suppliers that align with your brand mission?

You can begin by assessing a packaging supplier’s mission and values. Seek suppliers who prioritize collaboration and sustainability across the entire packaging value chain and can meet your needs as your brand grows.

Your packaging supplier is not just someone who provides you with materials. They are a collaborative partner in your brand's mission! When a supplier's values align with yours, it’s a good indication of a valuable partnership.

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