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​Compostable Flexible Packaging

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custom compostable flexible packaging

Flexible packaging creates much less waste than rigid packaging. It has lower transit resource needs, and uses fewer natural resources in production. This makes compostable flexible packaging an excellent sustainable choice for eco-conscious businesses!

Elevate Packaging produces better quality flexible packaging - with lower water and energy consumption, as well as fewer greenhouse gas emissions and volatile organic compounds.

Since our beginning in 2000, every decision we make also examines our impact on the planet, its people, our customers, and our employees.

We are constantly striving to further lower our environmental footprint. We achieve this through innovation, research, and continuous improvement! We're continually working with our customers on creative eco-friendly solutions, as well as with compost and sustainability interest groups.

compostable coffee bag

Elevate Packaging's leadership in compostable packaging ushers in a new era of innovative sustainable improvements to the world of flexible packaging. 

As a trusted and reliable partner, we only provide authentic packaging made from certified compostable materials. You can count on our compostable flexible packaging to have reliable strength and barrier properties on par with conventional flexible packaging.

It is now possible to have the best of both worlds - a strong high-quality compostable zipper stand-up pouch, or a coffee bag with an off-gas valve that is fully compostable.