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Why Holistic Compostable Packaging Matters

Posted by Rebecca Sims on

For companies committed to sustainability, eco-friendly packaging is a crucial component to their business.

It has been estimated that packaging represents one-third of all municipal waste in the United States, so the impact of compostable packaging can be significant!

Compostable Stand Up Pouch

Holistic compostable packaging solutions matter

There is no such thing as 50% or 80% compostable; either your packaging is compostable or it is not. If packaging is certified compostable, it means the entire thing is compostable and therefore will not contaminate the composting process.

For a packaging solution to be truly 100% compostable, every element of the packaging must be compostable. This includes any lining in the packaging, valves or ties, and even the adhesive labels used on the packaging.

It can be difficult for business owners to balance quality and sustainability. Packaging must preserve food or product freshness and also have a sustainable disposal option (via recycling or composting). With more and more consumers calling for natural and sustainable products, how can you incorporate eco-friendly packaging into your business model?

Compostable Natureflex Cellophane

At Elevate Packaging, we provide integrated compostable packaging solutions. Whether you need compostable bioplastic bagscompostable coffee bags, folding cartons, stand-up pouchescompostable labels (with compostable adhesive!) or custom compostable packaging, we’re sure we’ll be able to find the right packaging for your needs.

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